What Is The Jack Pearson Guitar Academy
11/29/2013 7:42 PM

Guitar legend Jack Pearson has created his own subscription based online video guitar lesson website. It’s simply titled, the Jack Pearson Guitar Academy, and it includes video guitar lessons by Jack himself. 

Subscribers can choose from several subscription options which are automatic recurring billing on a credit card. There are no subscription tiers so a subscription will give you access to all available lessons. You can watch available lessons over and over, that way you can learn at your own pace. 

There’s a “save” feature so you can save a lesson in your account if you want to go back to it later, when you’re finished, you can remove it with a simple click. The “featured” section is used to draw your attention to lessons that may be of special interest and a “newest” area to display the most recent videos added. 

Subscribers can search for lessons by keywords and browse lessons by various categories. The video lessons also include tags so you can bring up other lessons on the same subject by clicking on a tag name. In addition to this blog, subscribers will have access to a forum on the site so they can communicate and help each other. 

There are some sample lessons available to view even if you don’t have a subscription, so take a few minutes to check out We think you’ll agree, this is a special opportunity to learn from one of the best. 

Welcome To The Jack Pearson Guitar Academy
11/29/2013 7:39 PM

So glad you found us! Hope you’ll stay awhile! 

It’s been a long process to build this site. Countless hours, days, weeks, months,  stretching into a couple of years in planning, designing, organizing, editing...did I mention bring this site about. It’s a dream come true for Jack Pearson. 

Jack’s had plenty of experience giving private guitar lessons and conducting guitar clinics and he finds joy in it. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s spent the past 40 years (wow!) accumulating. 

He began like many of you, with bleeding fingers from practicing those first few chords learned from his big brother, and he still sits down almost daily to practice and keep his fingers in shape. In fact, Jack believes the learning process should never end and still tries to improve his own playing. 

Jack Pearson is a gifted musician. His love of music and desire to share his gift has placed him in front of audiences of one and of 10’s of thousands. He’s played in local bars and at Madison Square Garden, The Beacon Theatre, Red Rocks and The Grand Ole Opry. He’s been a member of The Allman Brothers Band, toured with Delbert McClinton and Gregg Allman, performed with Vince Gill and Tommy Emmanuel, played on recordings by Jimmy Buffett and Rodney Atkins.

Now you can sit down and feel like you have your own private audience with him through his online video guitar lesson site, the Jack Pearson Guitar Academy. 

There's a lot of lessons loaded on the site (he’s been busy) and more to come, so all you need is a subscription to get started. Visit the SIGN UP page for more information and to...well...sign up!