The Payoff
03/06/2014 9:15 PM

by Jack Pearson 

In my day...guess you’re expecting an old timer’s story...ok...well, here’s one. 

When I was learning to play guitar, my big brother taught me the basic chords, some easy licks and gave me a chart of the fretboard and told me to memorize all the notes on the neck. It really helped me learn where everything was and how I could play in different positions. I started seeing where notes repeated and changed octaves on the neck. For example, I remember seeing where G, C, and D were all over the neck and how they related to the chords and each other. 

As my brother showed me how he played guitar, I also started listening to records and trying to figure out how to play what I was hearing on vinyl. I would listen to each note or one part then pick up the needle and try to put it back in the same spot to hear it again, over and over and over. Then I would try to figure out how to play it on my guitar.

It was a lot of hard work, very time consuming, I scratched up those records and wore out a lot of needles but it sure was worth it. It trained my ear as I learned where the notes were on the guitar. I worked for it and it made me a better musician. 

I would watch TV and hope to see a guitar player play something then I would run to my room and figure it out on my own. It was always great to see someone play and get ideas on how they used their hands. I hope the videos on my site will give you the opportunity I didn’t have back then. To train your ear by listening to what is being played AND to see how the fingers move to create what you’re hearing. 

Whatever you learn it still takes some work before it becomes fun to play; it takes work and thought to improve as a musician. Everyone has to practice, practice, practice and then do it all over again. It’s never ending for me; I still have to work on the fundamentals to keep my hands in shape. All the good musicians I know have to do that...and on any instrument. The gift of music is the payoff and I sure am thankful for it.

What Is The Jack Pearson Guitar Academy
11/29/2013 7:42 PM

Guitar legend Jack Pearson has created his own subscription based online video guitar lesson website. It’s simply titled, the Jack Pearson Guitar Academy, and it includes video guitar lessons by Jack himself. 

Subscribers can choose from several subscription options which are automatic recurring billing on a credit card. There are no subscription tiers so a subscription will give you access to all available lessons. You can watch available lessons over and over, that way you can learn at your own pace. 

There’s a “save” feature so you can save a lesson in your account if you want to go back to it later, when you’re finished, you can remove it with a simple click. The “featured” section is used to draw your attention to lessons that may be of special interest and a “newest” area to display the most recent videos added. 

Subscribers can search for lessons by keywords and browse lessons by various categories. The video lessons also include tags so you can bring up other lessons on the same subject by clicking on a tag name. In addition to this blog, subscribers will have access to a forum on the site so they can communicate and help each other. 

There are some sample lessons available to view even if you don’t have a subscription, so take a few minutes to check out We think you’ll agree, this is a special opportunity to learn from one of the best. 

Welcome To The Jack Pearson Guitar Academy
11/29/2013 7:39 PM

So glad you found us! Hope you’ll stay awhile! 

It’s been a long process to build this site. Countless hours, days, weeks, months,  stretching into a couple of years in planning, designing, organizing, editing...did I mention bring this site about. It’s a dream come true for Jack Pearson. 

Jack’s had plenty of experience giving private guitar lessons and conducting guitar clinics and he finds joy in it. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s spent the past 40 years (wow!) accumulating. 

He began like many of you, with bleeding fingers from practicing those first few chords learned from his big brother, and he still sits down almost daily to practice and keep his fingers in shape. In fact, Jack believes the learning process should never end and still tries to improve his own playing. 

Jack Pearson is a gifted musician. His love of music and desire to share his gift has placed him in front of audiences of one and of 10’s of thousands. He’s played in local bars and at Madison Square Garden, The Beacon Theatre, Red Rocks and The Grand Ole Opry. He’s been a member of The Allman Brothers Band, toured with Delbert McClinton and Gregg Allman, performed with Vince Gill and Tommy Emmanuel, played on recordings by Jimmy Buffett and Rodney Atkins.

Now you can sit down and feel like you have your own private audience with him through his online video guitar lesson site, the Jack Pearson Guitar Academy. 

There's a lot of lessons loaded on the site (he’s been busy) and more to come, so all you need is a subscription to get started. Visit the SIGN UP page for more information and to...well...sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions
11/29/2013 7:36 PM

How Does The Jack Pearson Guitar Academy Work?

It’s really pretty easy. Check out the Sample Lessons and Free Resources for an idea of what’s available for subscribers and how it works with your browsers and internet connection. If you like what you see and how it works, click on one of the Sign Up buttons and follow the instructions to sign up with your credit card. You will need to select a Username, which you’ll use to login and will identify you in the forum to other users; it cannot be modified. All subscriptions are recurring billing and will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. 

After the sign up process is completed, click on a Member Login button and enter your username and password to log in. After logging in, you will land on the Browse Lessons page. You may use the labeled tabs to access the different sections or use the boxes on the main browse page to access those areas. You can click on a series title to see the videos in that series or click on a category name to see the videos under that category. You may use the search function on the main Browse Lessons page or at the top right of the site to search for keywords for videos you may be interested in. Click on a video to open it and click the play button to start the video. 

You will also find Tags on the videos and by clicking those, other videos with that same tag will come up in a new search. You can save videos in your account to view later and when finished, you can remove that video from your saved list. Watch and re-watch available videos; study at your own pace. There’s also a forum for subscribers to help each other with their playing. 

Like we said, it’s really pretty easy. Jack Pearson has been busy filming for this site so there’s a lot to see and more to come. Visit the SIGN UP page to get started.

Does a subscription give me access to all lessons? 

Yes, each subscription will give the subscriber access to all available videos on the site. You can watch and re-watch the videos so you can learn at your own pace. There are lessons, demonstrations, performances and Jack was filmed practicing so you can see how he works on his own playing. Some have dialogue, some don't, some may focus on one lick. 

Do I need a certain kind of guitar? 

Not really. Lessons were filmed with a variety of guitars, both acoustic and electric. So you’ll see lessons with acoustic, hollow body electric, solid body, etc. Don’t let the type of guitar limit you. Some things played on an acoustic can also be played on an electric and the other way around. Experiment to see what you can do.

What skill level is necessary? 

There are videos for many different skill levels. But if you're an intermediate player, for example, and you click on a video that's more advanced, don't be intimidated; you may learn something from those too - after all, there are things in the beginner videos that an advanced player still uses. Jack says that he still works on the fundamental techniques that he first learned. 

Remember, learning just one little thing at a time will add new levels to your playing; you might even learn something you hadn't planned on. Just watching how a person uses their hands can be a lesson in itself. There is such a variety of content on the site it will allow you to blend different styles together and keep your playing fresh.                

How long are the videos? 

The length of each video varies depending on the content, less than 30 seconds or several minutes; with hundreds of videos loaded in the site. There are lessons, demonstrations, performances and Jack was filmed practicing so you can see how he works on his own playing. Some have dialogue explaining the technique, slowing it down, some don't, and some may focus only on one lick - it depends on the subject of each video. 

There's a lot of content on the site so it will take a long time to see/use's 40+ years of experience. The videos include techniques that Jack plays, practices with, etc. You can learn so much just by observing how someone moves their hands. Just learn one thing at a time and it will add to your knowledge and ability.                

What about my internet connection?

Being an online video site, the faster your internet connection, the better it may work for you. You may need the latest versions of
internet browsers; if one doesn't work well for you, try another (such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Explorer).
 You should test your connection and computer/device with the sample lessons, free resources and other pages first to see how those work for you before subscribing. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

Click on a Sign Up button on the Home Page to see the subscription options. Choose a subscription that works best for you and follow the instructions to sign up with your credit card; all credit card transactions are processed through PayPal. All subscriptions are recurring billing and will automatically renew until you cancel your subscription. 

You will need to select a Username, which you’ll use to login and will identify you in the forum to other users; it cannot be modified.

After the sign up process is completed, use the Member Login area to enter your username and password to log into the site. Remember to keep your password safe and don’t share it with anyone.

How do I cancel my subscription?  

All subscriptions are recurring billing and will automatically renew at the end of your chosen plan’s term until you cancel your subscription prior to it renewing for a new term.

To cancel your subscription, Login and go to My Account to change your subscription details; click Edit in the Subscription box then click Cancel Subscription. Your subscription/account will be set to be cancelled and your login will no longer work at the end of the current subscription term. If you later wish to sign up again, you can do so by creating a new subscription but your cancelled account will no longer be available.